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This town (pop. 60,000; alt. 869 m) is in eastern Albania at the foot of Mount Morava. In its neighbourhood many prehistoric settlements and cemeteries have been discovered, such as Maliq, Kamnik, Podgori, Ten, Trajan etc.: the finds are on display in the Prehistoric Museum. The medieval town grew up in the 15th century. It was here on 7 March 1887 that the first Albanian school was opened. Korça makes a natural starting-point for excursions to Voskopoja, Dardha, Vithkuq and other places, as well as for ramblers who wish to visit Lake Ohrid

Prehistoric Museum

The Prehistoric Museum occupies the rooms of two traditional 19th-century houses. Approximately 1,000 finds are on display, which document effectively the prehistoric cultures of South-East Albania