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Lezhe (Lisi, Lissos, Lisson, Lissum)

This small town (pop. 20,000) lies about 50 km north of Tirane. The ancient settlement was founded at the end of the 4th century BC. In the centre of modern Lezhe are ruins of the ancient and medieval town walls and the Church of St. Nicholas. About 5 km to the west of the town is Shëngjin, a small town (pop. 10,000) with a harbour and a renowned beach; it has hotels and restaurants for Albanian and foreign tourists

The town walls

The town walls of ancient Lissos, 2200 m long, are constructed of squared masonry in the style of the Hellenistic period. The defences were modified successively in the Roman, late antique, Venetian and Ottoman periods.

Church of St. Nicholas

In this church was buried Skanderbeg, the Albanian national hero who fought against the Turks and died in Lezha on 17 January 1468. After the Turkish conquest, the grave was plundered and destroyed. The ruin has now been converted into a national memorial