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Cultural Tours Albania

Amphitheater of Butrint

There is 'luxury and inconvenience on the one hand, liberty, hard living and filth on the other'
- Eduard Lear on Albania

Monument of Agonothetes in Apollonia
Ancient city of Butrint
Panoramic view of Shkoder
Panoramic view of the Albanian alps

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Cultural Tours Albania

Established in 2005 by Prof. Dr. Bashkim Lahi, Cultural Tours Albania, with registered office in Shkoder, over a decade has made a name for itself as a brand signifying quality and reliability, a benchmark for people wishing to travel in full freedom and at the same time be able to rely on constant and discreet assistance. Operating successfully in the medium-high end of the market, Cultural Tours Albania has won the trust of an exclusive and highly demanding customer base. Having combined the expertise and extensive network, Cultural Tours Albania is able to propose tours characterized by the fascination of the sites, the luxury of the accommodation facilities and the quality of the service offered, with the richest choice of locations in Albania.

Our highly qualified archaeology, ethnography, museology and zoology specialists, are all actively engaged in scientific research in Albania. With over 10 years as a tour operator, we supplied hundreds of tour packages for our partners and their clients and served hundreds of foreign tourists in different languages such as German, French, English, Italian. We guarantee your clients will have a deeply meaningful, highly personal and memorable travel experience. This is a promise we’re comfortable making because each of our journeys is carefully planned and expertly orchestrated to immerse your clients in the culture of Albania — its history, sights, customs, cuisine, arts and crafts. Most of all, we will introduce your clients to wonderful local people in warm, personal and enlightening ways. Our expertise, knowledge, and personal relationships allow us to design journeys that are rugged and adventurous, urban and ultra-sophisticated, or the perfect blend of both. Whichever you prefer, you can be certain that your clients trip will be filled with exclusive opportunities that only we offer.

Cultural Tours Albania prides itself on providing journeys that enlighten, enchant and live long in your clients memory.

If you want to know more about us first, you’ll find plenty of information on this page or take a shortcut to the top reasons to travel with us.

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  • Visit Apollonia and Butrint Archaelogic Sites
  • Visit the old churches in Korce
  • Explore Llogara National Park, Narta and Divjaka Lagoons
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of albanian riviera from them top of Llogara pass
  • Visit of the main cultural cities around Albania
  • Visit of some of the oldest churches in Balkan
  • Visit Apollonia and Byllis archaelogic sites
  • Visit the cave church of St. Mary on the island of Maligrad
  • Uncover a little-visited European gem, where snow-capped mountains plunge into bright blue seas, charming villages nestle amongst the forested landscape, and coastal lagoons teem with birdlife.
  • Search for the rare Dalmatian pelican during a boat trip on Great Prespa Lake.
  • Look out for wetland birdlife and migrating waders on the ‘Albanian Riviera’
  • Visit of the main cultural cities around Albania
  • Visit of some of the oldest churches in Balkan
  • Visit Apollonia, Butrint and Phoenice archaelogic sites

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The company is headed up by archaeologist, Prof. Dr. Bashkim Lahi. We work with highly qualified specialists in the fields of archaeology, ethnography, museology and zoology, all of whom are are actively engaged in scientific research in Albania . Our experts are multilingual and we can offer tours in English, German, French and Italian.

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Let see how beautiful Buthrotum is

According to historical sources, the settlement was founded at the end of the 6th century BC by Hecataeus. It occupies a hill on the edge of Lake Butrint, c. 20 km south of Saranda. Archaeological excavations have brought to light finds ranging from the early Iron Age until the Middle Ages. Butrint is both an archaeological park and a nature reserve. Sights worth visiting are the defences, the theatre, the circular baptistery, the great basilica, the archaeological museum and much more.

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